Performance and Values

Why Suncov Auto Tracking System?

Suncov auto tracking system track the sun east/west throughout the day, and north/south through the seasons, so they produce typicaly about 40% more power compare to static solar structure.

Suncov Rail Tracking system provide more value than any other mounting system for photovoltaic panels, because they let each panel produce more energy, so fewer panels are needed.  (And fewer inverters, less land, and less installation labor too!)

Generate more per Hour

Suncov System Can provide you more every every hour, especially 60% more energy during late afternoon peak demand. This chart provide illustration shows Suncov two – axis tracking system provide maximum output from each panel throughout the day. So, Fewer panels required for more output, thus providing more saving that fixed mounted panels.


More Energy Every Month

Suncov systems produce more energy through the seasons, by tracking the sun north/south.

This chart shows output in kilowatt-hours for a 20 kilowatt system at Delhi, India.  The impact of two-axis tracking is most dramatic during the lowest-output winter months, when Suncov systems produce up to 50% more energy than fixed racks or one-axis tracking systems.

So fewer panels are needed – and fewer inverters, less land and less installation labor – and the total cost of your photovoltaic system is minimized.

More energy every year

Suncov tracking systems track the sun to produce about 40% more energy each year than the same panels mounted on fixed racks, so you need fewer panels and other system components, less land and less labor.

That means higher Return On Investment – more than twice as high in many places – and greater Net Present Value.

More energy means lower cost:

Since Suncov Tracking systems produce more energy from each panel, you will need fewer panels, inverters and other system components.

That means lower cost!

This chart shows an example:  you can save 20% or more and get the same or greater energy production by using an Suncov RailTracking System.