Suncov Rail-Rack Tracking Systems

Suncov Rail-Rack Tracking Systems follow the sun from east to west through the day, and north to south through the seasons, to capture 40% more energy from each panel.
So fewer panels are needed – fewer other components – less land – and less installation labor.
More energy per panel means lowest total system cost!
Suncov Tracker Systems are tough and are designed to distribute the weight of the panels, and high wind loads, over the whole area of the array. It Can withstand winds up to 150 miles per hour, and do not require deep, expensive concrete foundations!
• Upto 40% more energy from each panel
• Tracks east/west all day
• Tracks north/south all year
• Highest Return on Investment
• Works with all common panels
• Quick, simple installation

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Technical Specification:-

Panel Compatibility  72 Cells panel (1.96 m X 0.94 m)
 Rotation  Azimuth -45° to +45°, Elevation 0° to +60°
 Backtracking  Up to 17.52%
 Drive System  Electric Linear Actuator (12V or 24V)
 Outer/Panel Frame  Galvanized steel
 Bearings  High Strength Polymer, Maintenance free and UV resistant
 Light Sensor  Yes, 4 sensors for north-south, East-West
 Weather Detector  Optional, wind speed detector
 LED display  Optional
 Control Precision  ±1°
 Operating Temperature  -10°C to +55°C
 Other features  Active tracker, plus optional add on solar time algorithm based on the sun’s predictive position
 Weight  35 to 45 KGS / Kilowatt

Additional information

Weight 40 kg


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